Well, this notion of ‘blogging’ isn’t unfamiliar to me, but I’m certainly not experienced with it, so hang in there.  It’ll get better with time.  I intend to focus this primarily on Network Engineering, which is a topic I really love.  Coincidentally, I get paid to think about this stuff, so technically I’m a professional.  In reality though, I know that I understand a fraction of what is out there.  I hope to share my fraction in an effort to strengthen my own understanding, and I encourage you to reciprocate with ideas and knowledge you have that may compliment.

The interesting thing about this trade, is there is litterally a hundred approaches to every design.  Everyone has a different approach and its always interesting discussing them to try and aggregate the best features of each approach.  As engineers we seem to adopt certain ideas, that drive us to the approach that we start with.  I often call these ideas matters of ‘religion’, but it is probably more appropriate to refer to them as ‘philosphy.’

Some basic ideas that I tend to base my own engineering philosophy reflect how I want to live my life.

  • Transparency – The notion of ‘security through obscurity’ is something that doesn’t set well with me.  I recently tried to explain this to a friend when we went into a hamburger joint that has glass up between the main kitchen and the dining room.  You see them forming patties with fresh ground chuck, and all the veggies fresh and nice and lined up in refridgerators with glass doors.  Transparency fosters accountability and encourages you to ‘do the right thing’ constantly.
  • Integrity – Whatever you build, you need to make sure it has a good base.  You don’t pour a foundation for a house that is just deep enough to make a good patio, then add a house on it later.  Or worse, add a second story.  Plan ahead, and make it strong!
  • Accountability – Create good processes that include audits.  Doublechecking each other’s work will minimize oversights, and in many cases catch a problem before it becomes one!

Hopefully, you’ll see a post about MEF, VPLS, or something less ‘mushy’ in the next few weeks.


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